Knife-wielding man shot dead outside vaccine center in Madrid

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Spanish police have shot and killed a man who arrived at a vaccine center brandishing a knife on Friday, reportedly threatening passersby before turning on cops, in the Madrid neighborhood of San Cristobal de los Angeles.

The assailant, described in local reports as a man of sub-Saharan origin, walked through the neighborhood on Friday morning before reaching the health center where people were queuing for Covid-19 vaccinations. 

Eyewitnesses claimed that those outside had warned of the approaching knife-wielding man, and the doors of the facility were shut. Unable to enter, he then reportedly accosted passersby before being confronted by police, who opened fire after he attempted to attack one of the officers. 

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The police confirmed the incident, stating: “The man assaulted a police officer, who was forced to shoot at him. When the assault carried on, other officers also fired shots.”

The man died at the scene. Reports suggest one officer sustained an injury to the hand during the altercation.

In photos shared online, a heavy police presence can be seen in the area, and some streets are cordoned off. A white cloth was placed over the body of the deceased assailant, images showed. 

A 35-year-old Sub-Saharan man is killed by the National Police near a health center in Madrid, Spain, Villaverde district, who threatened several passers-by with a large kitchen knife.

— Moises Lopez (@chapoisat) November 5, 2021

According to Spanish daily El Pais, little is known about the knife-wielding suspect. He is believed to have been 35 years old, and reportedly had a police record for having previously attempted to accost law enforcement agents. Some witnesses have suggested the man was homeless and suffering from mental illness. 

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