Police remove survivors of 1980s mass canola oil poisoning from Madrid’s El Prado museum, where they threatened suicide

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A group who survived a mass canola oil poisoning 40 years ago have been removed by police after occupying Madrid’s El Prado museum, having threatened to end their lives if the government ignores calls to help the victims.

Protesters had occupied the Madrid museum, stating that in “six hours” they would “start ingesting the pills” if government officials failed to heed their calls to help victims who were “poisoned for 40 years and condemned to live as in 1981 due to the abandonment of the State.”

It is thought that thousands of Spanish citizens have suffered illness from the consumption of processed rapeseed cooking oil, with thousands more left with debilitating syndromes for the remainder of their lives.

🛑 ÚLTIMA HORA | Un grupo de víctimas del aceite de colza se encierran en el Museo Del Prado y amenazan “con retransmitir en directo su descanso eterno” si el presidente del Gobierno no atiende sus demandas“Pasadas 6 horas empezarán a ingerir pastillas” pic.twitter.com/zhWhDVRsBf

— Radio Madrid (@RadioMadrid) October 19, 2021

The survivors were removed by police, having gained access to the room by arriving at the museum alongside normal visitors on Tuesday morning. The group selected the location as the site of their protest because they claimed that the culture within it has helped them throughout the years.

Among the requests the group has made to the government is that they receive a tribute of dignity and respect via an act of State, that officials review their disabilities to ensure that they are provided with the proper pensions, and that their medical treatment or therapy is covered.

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It is not clear if the group will attempt to find another site to continue their protest. The government has not yet responded to their demands.

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